28 February 2016


I returned to some of my previous work on aperiodic tiles from two years ago. This time, I'm overlaying different iterations of the same prototile and rendering them as polygonal tubes with Mantra. Everything is done in Houdini with a little color correction in Photoshop. I'm trying to decide which ones to submit to Bridges this year.

25 February 2016

TouchDesigner + CUDA

I moved over to Windows and got reaction diffusion working in TouchDesigner using a CUDA .dll I adapted from my original experiments in Linux. This is a big checkpoint and hopefully represents the beginning of what will be the final environment and toolkit I will commit to for my thesis. Thinking of TouchDesigner as a modular OpenGL app authoring tool is extremely liberating.

I'm going to shoot for adding user-defined boundary conditions next as that seems to be coming up a lot lately. Color shouldn't be too far behind.

02 February 2016


Atom probe and transmission electron tomography in the sphere.